No Matter How Your Marriage Ends, Legal Representation Is Essential

You may not be able to control whether your marriage lasts, but you do get to decide whether it will end gracefully. In addition to choosing how you act toward the person you thought you’d be spending the rest of your life with, you can take your pick of ways to legally end the union. Dissolution and divorce may differ, but both processes benefit from retaining the services of an attorney.

At Lentz & Noble, LLC, we think that you should have the knowledge you need to make smarter decisions regardless whether this is your first brush with family law. We’ve believed in the power of putting minds at ease for more than 55 years, and we’re not about to quit now. We love finding creative solutions to challenging legal problems, and we’re proud to have built strong relationships with so many families over the years.

Ohio Divorces vs. Dissolutions

In Ohio, divorce isn’t the only way to end a marriage even though it’s what most people think of when they want to terminate a legally recognized marriage. Dissolution is an alternative that produces the same result, but it’s nonconfrontational. In other words, dissolutions are for those who can come to terms without needing to assign fault to either party or have the courts step in.

Dissolution is often quicker and more affordable for those who fulfill the requirements:

  • One or both people must have held Ohio residency for no less than six months immediately before the filing
  • The parties need to file in a court where one of them lives
  • Both spouses have to sign a separation agreement concerning matters like how to resolve shared debts, divide marital assets and provide spousal support

How could talking to our lawyers help? Since dissolution is predicated on exes agreeing, using a mediator might make it easier to come to terms.

We Work to Help You Get The Most Out Of Family Law

No matter how you end your marriage, it can be tricky to deal with such major changes. There are many filing requirements that you need to pay attention to, and if you’re not careful, your petition might get denied on a technicality. We can also help make sure you get what you deserve when it comes to alimony, child custody matters, visitation and more.

At Lentz & Noble, LLC, we do more than just help you make the right legal choices. We also work to help you meet your obligations and move forward. Learn more about pursuing a divorce or dissolution in Ravenna and Portage County, Ohio, by contacting us online or calling our lawyers at 330-577-8972 today.