Don’t Let Child Custody And Visitation Issues Overwhelm You

Child custody and visitation matters can be significant sources of stress for many Ohioans who just want to do the right thing. It’s not always clear how the courts come to their decisions, and when your family’s future is hanging in the balance, it’s only natural to worry.

Could talking to an attorney help alleviate some of your concerns? At Lentz & Noble, LLC, we think it can, and almost six decades of combined experience backs us up. We don’t believe you should have to struggle with the complexities of family law when you’re on a mission to provide for your loved ones. We’re always ready to come to your aid with the knowledge you need to get through challenging situations.

Child Custody, Visitation And The Best Interests Of Children

In Ohio and most other states, courts look at many factors to decide who should be allowed to have access to minors. Their overall goal is to do what’s in the best interests of the child, so family law officials consider elements such as:

  • Whether sexual, domestic or family member abuse occurred
  • How children might adjust to changes in their living situations
  • Whether parents seem committed to fostering healthy relationships between their children and the other adult
  • Whether parents are willing to work together and make decisions
  • The potential physical and mental health impacts on parents and children

What does this mean for someone who wants to pursue custody or visitation rights? Working with our lawyers to present your case properly may be a smart move. Family law proceedings are unfamiliar territory for many people, so it’s wise to plan how you’ll represent yourself, your relationship with your kids and your history together.

Coming To Terms With What Others Want

The secret to a workable custody or visitation arrangement lies in making good-faith efforts to accommodate all of the parties involved. Ohio considers factors like what the child wants to happen as well as the parents’ wishes. It may be easier to navigate the courtroom process if you reach an agreement that gets everyone on the same page before standing in front of a judge. Our experienced attorneys can also help you navigate other tough issues, including child support, relocation and more.

Whether you’re about to get a divorce or still learning to live with one, our team of attorneys believes in helping you do what’s in your family’s best interests above all else. Call Lentz & Noble, LLC, at 330-577-8972 or contact us online to discuss your options and take a proactive approach to resolving your child custody and visitation needs. From our office in Ravenna, we help people throughout Portage County.