Creating A Will That Works

Although you won’t be around to see the results, creating a will is the ultimate act of planning for the future responsibly. These documents are critical for those who want to ensure their properties get distributed properly and pursuant to their wishes after their deaths, making them vital aids for providing for your survivors.

At Lentz & Noble, LLC, our estate planning and probate attorneys have more than 55 combined years of experience. With so much hands-on practice, no legal conundrum or estate planning request is too unusual for us to tackle, and we’ve been putting regular people’s minds at ease for decades all across Ohio.

What’s Goes Into A Valid Will?

Creating a will isn’t just for the wealthy, and while anyone who owns property should go through the process, it’s not a free for all. One can’t just write anything in a will and hope it sticks because Ohio law establishes some critical requirements. At a bare minimum, a person who wants to draft a will must be:

  • No less than 18 years old
  • Of sound mind
  • Not subject to duress or undue influence

Wills also need to be legally enforceable. For instance, you can’t include terms that prevent your minor children or spouses from receiving property that they’re otherwise entitled to. While it’s possible to reduce certain tax burdens on your heirs, there are limits to how far you can go. Discussing your goals with an attorney is critical to ensuring that your estate planning efforts actually serve their intended purpose, especially if you’re concerned about minimizing the amount of time your heirs spend dealing with probate.

Why Work With An Attorney?

Many of the wills drafted by people without professional legal knowledge end up being unenforceable. Going the DIY route might cause more trouble than it’s worth because your estate could sit in probate (the formal administration and distribution process) while your heirs and loved ones are awaiting the benefits they need to maintain their standard of living.

Not planning properly can lead to your survivors incurring increased tax burdens, taking on costlier legal fees and developing animosity. Fortunately, the estate planning lawyers of Lentz & Noble, LLC, believe in doing everything possible to help you anticipate what’s ahead. Prepare for your future by calling our office in Ravenna at 330-577-8972, or ask us your will questions by sending us a message online.