Tackling Traffic Offenses To Protect Your Driving Record

Being charged with an Ohio traffic offense doesn’t just put a halt to the way you get around. Whether it’s a CDL violation or a speeding citation, a moving violation or ticket can jeopardize your career and potentially throw your life into complete disarray.

Don’t you deserve help overcoming this challenge? As an intersection of numerous major highways and thoroughfares, Portage County can be a hotbed of traffic tickets, and the criminal defense attorneys at Lentz & Noble, LLC, are prepared to help motorists ensure their rights don’t get run over. We have more than 55 combined years of experience representing people who found themselves on the wrong side of a traffic law, and we’re committed to putting your mind at ease.

The Realities Of Traffic Offenses

Like many states, Ohio uses a point-based system to track your driving performance. If you accumulate 12 points, then the state will suspend your license. Even with fewer points, you could still face suspension or jail time for ignoring a ticket. When you receive a traffic ticket, you have three basic options in the eyes of the law:

  1. State that you’re guilty, admit to the offense and agree to pay the fine
  2. Plead no contest where you admit the facts in your case are true but not that you’re guilty, which may let you avoid a trial
  3. Plead not-guilty and go to court to contest the charges

Option 3 is the smart play — it is never a good idea plead guilty or no contest without having an experienced lawyer thoroughly investigate the state’s case against you. And this is true whether it’s your first traffic ticket or you’ve had multiple prior tickets. Indeed, your choice of plea has a significant impact on your future, especially if you get taken to court over a subsequent criminal or civil matter. Our attorneys have been dedicated to representing people for decades and we can help you determine what’s best in your situation.

Keeping Points Off Of Your Driving Record

Different traffic ticket offenses can have unanticipated consequences. For instance, you’ll need to inform your employer of a CDL violation, which might compromise your job. If you get caught speeding or driving on a suspended license as a juvenile, then you might lose the right to drive when you should be out laying the groundwork for your future career.

Why discuss your case with a lawyer at Lentz & Noble, LLC? We don’t think that traffic tickets should define lives and we’re enthusiastic about ensuring that yours doesn’t limit you. Talk to us about your traffic ticket by calling 330-577-8972 today, or reach out to us online by filling out this simple online form. From our office in Ravenna, we help people throughout Ohio.