Knowing Your Rights After Being Charged With OVI

Most people know that operating a vehicle under the influence is a bad idea. What many Ohio motorists are unaware of, however, is that they can get charged with drunk driving under a broad range of circumstances that might not necessarily indicate they were actually behaving irresponsibly.

When you face criminal charges such as operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI), it’s critical to respond the right way. At Lentz & Noble, LLC, our criminal defense attorneys been perfecting OVI defense strategies for more than 55 combined years — and we’re always ready to help you clear your name. We don’t think your legal problems should overwhelm you or put an end to your future.

What Defines An OVI?

Driving under the influence typically means that you’ve used drugs or alcohol to the extent it negatively impacted your ability to drive safely. Like other states, Ohio measures blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, to gauge a motorist’s level of impairment. While the .08 percent standard is in line with the rest of the nation, you can also be charged for having varied amounts of other substances, like illegal drugs, in your body. You also have to consent to chemical testing upon an officer’s request or face consequences such as:

  • A one year license suspension for a first offense
  • A suspension of up to 7 years for a second offense or prior refusal within the last 10 years
  • A suspension of up to 7 years if you have more than two refusals or DUIs on your record within 10 years

Why is it important to understand your rights? As our lawyers will tell you, being convicted of drunk driving often rests on the word of the police and other government authorities — and the system is imperfect. Mounting a strong, well-researched defense could make it easier to avoid being punished for something you shouldn’t be punished for.

Can Criminal Defense Improve Ohio?

When people do wrong they may deserve punishment, but it shouldn’t come at a greater cost to society. Ohio’s minimum DUI jail sentences may not deter people from committing an OVI again, especially if they’re addicted or faced with the stress of taking care of their families. In some cases, such as when police use field drug tests or sobriety checks that are known to be inaccurate, innocent motorists suffer.

Do Not WaiT To Call us

The attorneys at Lentz & Noble, LLC, don’t think drunk driving punishment should place extra burdens on Ohio taxpayers or communities. We work hard to ensure that the accused receive justice. To find out how we can help you after a drunk driving arrest, send us an email online or call 330-577-8972 to discuss your case today. From our office in Ravenna, we represent people throughout Portage County.