Dealing With Delinquency: Juveniles Have Legal Rights

Many minors who stand accused of delinquent or unruly actions face extremely tough odds. The system can often seem stacked against those who are less well-off, so juveniles and their families may feel like they have few options other than accepting plea agreements.

The whole point of trying young people as juveniles is that they lack the decision-making capacity to be held responsible for their actions like adults, so why should they face permanent consequences for temporary bad judgment? At Lentz & Noble, LLC, our criminal defense lawyers deliver unique legal services and solutions with integrity, commitment and dedication that helps protect promising futures. We truly believe that helping people is a noble mission, and we love engaging with Ohio communities to learn how we can make things better.

Facing Charges As A Juvenile

Juvenile cases can go many different ways. For instance, a police officer, school official or prosecutor might decide to refer a juvenile’s case to court instead of releasing them into a guardian’s custody and giving them a warning. From there, court officials can decide whether to file charges or deal with the matter informally based on factors like:

  • The juvenile’s age and gender, with boys facing charges more often
  • The severity of the accusations and evidence against you
  • Your prior record, social history and whether your parents have shown that they can control your behavior

While about 45 percent of cases resolve without juveniles being formally charged, it isn’t smart to bet on the odds. Our attorneys work to help you build a defense strategy that portrays your young adult in the fairest possible light so you can help them get through this rough patch.

Get Back To Life By Preserving Your Prospects

Charges like underage drinking and traffic offenses may be transient, but depending on how events play out, they can follow a person for years. Having a juvenile criminal record can make it hard to find jobs, pursue education and get ahead at the most crucial time in life.

Protect The Rights Of Your Child

Talk to a lawyer about your juvenile defense options. The legal team at Lentz & Noble, LLC, has over 55 years of combined experience helping people charged with juvenile delinquency seek alternatives to serious punishment, such as counseling and reimbursement agreements. Call our office in Ravenna at 330-577-8972 or send us a message about the offense you’re dealing with to learn how to erase the slate and build a more promising future.