Solid Advice And Strong Advocacy For Legal DIsputes

Legal conflicts can be frustrating and tricky to navigate. You may be tempted to handle the matter yourself or hope that it blows over. Or perhaps you think you have no recourse or assume that you would lose your case.

Those assumptions or hesitations can prove costly. The best thing you can to do is seek legal counsel in the early stages of a dispute.  The legal team at Lentz & Noble, LLC can help you understand your rights and pursue the best course of action to protect your interests. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation.

Broad Experience In Civil Litigation

Lentz & Noble, LLC serves individuals and businesses in Portage County and Northeast Ohio. Our law firm handles the full spectrum of civil disputes, including:

Civil litigation can be expensive and counterproductive. We strive for efficient, cost-effective and practical resolutions that keep our clients out of court. Our attorneys are trained in mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution techniques that are often preferable to going to trial.

We know that a negotiated outcome is not always possible. We are also accomplished trial lawyers with decades of courtroom experience. You can count on us to vigorously defend your rights and interests, in or out of court.

Find Out Where You Stand

Whether you are  initiating legal action, being sued or just need legal advice about an escalating conflict, we can help. Arrange a consultation with one of our knowledgeable civil litigation attorneys as soon as possible. Call our law office in Ravenna at 330-577-8972 or use our convenient online form.