Building Stronger Legal Ties Between Ohio Tenants And Landlords

Renting or leasing a property can be a tricky proposition regardless of which side of the deal you’re on. Although the law provides a basic framework that guides how people should conduct themselves in these relationships, you shouldn’t take it for granted that events will work out in your favor.

Portage County, Ohio, is home to many different people and businesses that seek to take advantage of our great sense of community and unique local culture. The dispute and litigation lawyers at Lentz & Noble, LLC, have been building long-term relationships with Ohioans for more than five decades. There are few things we love more than delivering legal services that put minds at ease, and we’re confident we can help you successfully navigate your landlord-tenant issue.

What Does Ohio Say About Tenants And Landlords?

In any property-use business relationship, both sides are governed by a few essential requirements. For instance, landlords need to disclose a variety of facts to tenants in lease terms and rental agreements, and they have to abide by specific security deposit rules. When it comes to renting, they can’t use pricing policies for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons. Other often-overlooked rules include that:

  • Tenants can withhold rent pending critical repairs
  • Tenants can sue landlords for as much as $3,000 in small-claims court
  • Landlords can evict someone if they have reasonable cause to believe that they used illegal drugs on the property even without them being convicted or arrested for crimes, but they have to give three days notice

If you’re a tenant, your landlord might have violated your rights in many different ways. If you’re a property owner, then it’s critical to understand your legal obligations when you’re trying to deal with troublesome tenants. Our attorneys have spent years learning the particulars of landlord and tenant law with the goal of making people’s lives easier.

Who Needs Representation?

Although landlord-tenant relationships don’t always pan out as planned, not having reliable representation can make things even worse. As a commercial or residential landlord, you could jeopardize your case by failing to observe your legal responsibilities. If you’re a rental resident or business leasing a storefront, then you might have to jump through several hoops to file a formal complaint.

Start Protecting Your Rights Now

You shouldn’t let technicalities stop you from moving beyond evictions, lease disputes and other matters. Share your landlord-tenant issues with us by calling 330-577-8972 or sending us a message online. From our office in Ravenna, we help landlords and tenants throughout Ohio.