Holiday issues to think about if you are divorcing with kids

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Child Custody |

If this is your first December after divorce, you might not be feeling so festive. Yet, if you have children, they still will. Making it a great holiday season for them will require extra effort.

Remember that the key to child custody is acting in your children’s best interests. Provided you and your spouse remember that, it makes choosing the right options easier.

First, check your custody schedule. It is wise to include details about how holidays will work. Once tensions between you and your ex settle down, you may decide on more flexible alternatives in years to come.

Avoid turning the holidays into a competition

When you drop the kids off at your co-parent’s, you notice the giant Christmas tree glowing in the window. Does that mean you need to blow the budget to match it? No. While your kids might comment about how amazing their dad’s tree is or how awesome the present their mom got them is, they are not going to judge you because you can’t afford the same.

There are many ways to show your kids you love them, and in many ways, time is more precious than money. In years to come, your kids will remember with fondness the fact that you made decorations together and strung them on a few twigs you brought home from the park. They will remember that while you might not have had the biggest turkey, you made it with love.

While kids can seem materialistic at times, desperately trying to keep up with the latest fashions on Instagram, what they need from their parents is love, attention and security. Co-operating as parents frees you up to spend more time providing affection to your children. Avoiding conflict reassures your kids that while Christmas might be different this year, it will be alright.