Fighting your traffic tickets can help protect your driver’s license

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Many people in Ohio regularly break the law, and they do it at the wheel of a motor vehicle. Traffic infractions are part of daily life for many drivers. They knowingly decide to exceed the posted speed limit, drive the wrong way down the street because they only have to go walk or turn without using their signals.

When a police officer witnesses this kind of misconduct or when it results in a crash, the driver will typically receive a traffic ticket. Most people just pay their tickets and then move on as though nothing really happened.

They may then feel some regret for that decision later when they go to renew their car insurance and realize they have to pay substantially more. Those with multiple tickets in their recent history may also realize that their most recent ticket could actually cost them their license.

Ohio tracks your driving performance and can suspend your license

Will you pay a ticket, you technically plead guilty to the traffic infraction. The state can then make a note of that offense on your driving record. Each ticket you receive will add points to your license.

Once you have 12 points on your driving record accrued in under two years, the state could suspend your license. You will typically have to go six months with a suspended license and complete a remedial driving course to get back on the road. You will also have to submit proof of insurance after your suspension, pay a fee to the state to get your license back and retake the driver’s license exam.

Fighting back against even the first ticket you receive can keep your driving record clean and reduce your risk of losing your license over another ticket in the future.

How does fighting a traffic ticket work?

If you want to go to court to defend against a traffic ticket, you have the right to hire an attorney just like you would for any other offense. Your lawyer can then challenge the state’s evidence or help convince the courts that you did not deserve the citation you received.

If your defense is successful, you will not have to pay the ticket or worry about the points that it would add to your license. Fighting back against a traffic ticket may not be the most common decision, but it is often a good one.