What are Ohio’s rules if I want to move with my child?

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Many parents in Portage County are raising their kids separately from their children’s other parent. Sometimes, this is because of a divorce. In other cases, the couple may have not been married at the time they had a child together.

Once an Ohio court has established custody and parenting time, both parents are expected to follow the court’s orders.

They also must follow other laws, including Ohio’s law that covers situations when a parent wants to move.

The law applies only to residential parents. Commonly called custodial parents, the residential parent is the one who has the children at home most of the time.

Before moving from an address other than what is listed in the custody and parenting time order, the parent is required to give notice to the court. In most cases, they also have to give notice to the other parent.

The court may decide to have a hearing on whether the move will be in the best interests of the children involved. While the court may do so even if the other parent does not object to the move, a hearing is more likely if the other parent formally objects to the move.

When making a decision about the child’s best interests, the court will consider those factors that are listed in Ohio law.

Ohio move-away situations can be complicated

Oftentimes, parents who need to move away from Portage County have very good reasons for doing so. They may have an important job opportunity or need to be closer to a sick relative.

Not being able to move without the children, or having to spend months in litigation, can be a real hardship.

On the other hand, the parent who isn’t moving could be very concerned about maintaining his or her relationship with the children.

Those who are facing a possible relocation or who are contemplating one should strongly consider speaking with an experienced family law attorney.