What are the penalties for drunk driving in Ohio?

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The penalties for drunk driving can be significant and can have a wide-ranging impact on the accused driver’s life. Drunk driving charges require a strong and prompt criminal defense which is why accused individuals should be familiar with the penalties and consequences and their defense options.

Penalties for drunk driving

Operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) charges can result from either drugs or alcohol. Penalties for drunk driving charges can include:

  • A license suspension for one year for the first OVI offense;
  • A license suspension of up to 7 years for a second OVI offense or prior breath test refusal within the prior 10 years;
  • A license suspension of up to 7 years for greater than two DUIs or breath test refusals within the past 10 years.

Accused drivers can also face jail time. To be reinstated following a first OVI charge, accused drivers need to meet certain requirements. These requirements include serving the license suspension that was determined by the court; pay a reinstatement fee; and provide proof of insurance that covers the length of suspension. There are different reinstatement requirements for different situations based on the accused driver’s circumstances.

There are different methods of defending against drunk driving charges based on the situation and circumstances. It may be possible to attack the evidence being used against the accused driver. Accused drivers should develop a strong criminal defense strategy based on the charges they are facing which may be able to help them mitigate the negative impact of those charges on their life.