What are my options if I am concerned about substance abuse?

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Most judges in Ohio prefer it when parents involved in child custody proceedings are able to get along and work together so that their children get to see both parents frequently and build up a relationship with each one of them.

However, there are some situations in which having shared parenting responsibilities is just not the best option for the children.  One of these situations is when one of the child’s parents is struggling under the weight of her drug or alcohol addiction.

A parent who is worried about the substance abuse may raise the concern in court

As Portage County residents probably know, people with drug and alcohol problems are generally not able to do what they need to do to care for children.

They may have a hard time holding down a job and keeping up with a home. They may also abuse and neglect their children and may even commit drug crimes or crimes that are somehow related to their substance abuse.

In cases in which liberal parenting time is not in the best interest of the children, a judge may enter a visitation order to that effect. When doing so, the judge will consider a number of factors, including a parent’s history of substance abuse and his criminal history.

A parent who is concerned about the other parent’s substance abuse should not hesitate to ask for a visitation order that is in the best interest of her children.

Concerned parents will need to prepare their custody cases carefully

However, when doing so, a parent should be certain to prepare a well-crafted child custody presentation to the court which is supported by sound legal arguments and a thorough investigation.

Very few parents are going to admit publicly that they have a drug or alcohol problem that affects their parenting, and even fewer would be willing to concede to a restrictive visitation order.

When preparing a case, having the support of an experienced family law professional is helpful.