Can where you got engaged predict if you will get divorced?

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Nobody knows what the future holds. Most people who get married in Portage County have the best intentions, but not everyone will stay married to the same person for life. And you cannot know ahead of time which marriages will last and which will not.

If someone could find a way to predict if a couple will get divorced, that would certainly be valuable information. A British radiator and heating company has released the results of a survey that suggests the location a couple was when they decided to get married might be a predictor of their later divorce.

Warm engagement spot = divorce?

The company surveyed 3,465 divorced people about where they proposed (or were proposed to). Paris was the most common answer at 23 percent, followed by Iceland at 18 percent and New York City at 14 percent.

Generally, the survey seemed to find that the warmer the place the engagement happened, the more likely the couple is to stay together. For example, Iceland’s average spring temperature is just 30 degrees. Meanwhile, in Tulum, Mexico, the average spring temperature is 86 degrees. Just one percent of people surveyed who got engaged in Tulum later got a divorce.

This is probably what interested the heating company in the survey in the first place. However, it’s not a perfect result. Five percent of people who got engaged in The Maldives, where the average spring temperature is 75.2 degrees, ended up divorced. But only three percent of engagements made in Venice (39.2 degrees) eventually led to divorce.

Help with the details of divorce

Whether you got engaged while on an exotic vacation or at a favorite romantic place in Portage County, you might now be facing a possible divorce. If you do get divorced, you will need help with dividing your marital assets and working out child custody if you have kids together. Your divorce attorney will help you with all your divorce-related needs.