Been convicted of a previous Ohio OVI charge?

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Ohio takes drunk driving seriously. The penalties for a drunk driving conviction are serious and for each subsequent OVI a person receives the penalties go up. Each drunk driving conviction leads to even more serious penalties. Someone who is facing a subsequent OVI charge should understand the legal consequences they may be facing.

A second OVI conviction in Ohio

If a person is charged with a second OVI within 6 years they will face a minimum jail sentence of 10 days or up to 6 months. This sentence may be doubled if a person has a high blood alcohol content or if they refuse to take a breathalyzer test. Fines can range to more than $1,600 and a driver’s license can be suspended for one to five years. There is a also a vehicle immobilization of 90 days.

Third OVI offense

A third OVI offense in 6 years brings a minimum of 30 days to one year in jail. The license suspension is 2 to 10 years and the state may take the defendant’s car. Fines can be more than $2,700 and an ignition interlock device will be required prior to a driver’s license reinstatement. A person will also be required to attend alcohol or drug addiction treatment.

Fourth OVI offense

A fourth OVI offense is a felony with a jail sentence of 60 days to one year. The fines can be more than $10,000 and a person may lose their license forever. Their vehicle will be forfeited, and they will be required to attend a drug or alcohol treatment program.

Fifth OVI offense

A fifth OVI offense in 20 years will land a defendant on the habitual offenders list. The general public will now be able to see a person’s information. A jail time of up to 30 months may be imposed as well.

If a person is facing an OVI charge in Ohio they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in criminal defense. An attorney can help their client understand their legal rights and can help reduce or even eliminate these serious charges.