Raid on Ohio house uncovers drugs and cash

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Drug Charges |

On Aug. 4, both the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the TAG Drug Force entered a residence in Warren that was reportedly known for drug activity. So far, the authorities have not released information detailing how the house became associated with drug activity.

Law enforcement reportedly discovered significant amounts of heroin and fentanyl on the premises. According to media reports, 414 grams of the two drugs were found. The police recovered other drugs inside as well; crack cocaine, suboxone, methadone and various pills appeared on the official report.

The police also claim to have uncovered two firearms and ammunition along with $128,000 in cash, and measuring scales and paraphernalia reportedly turned up during the search. According to media reports, the police did have a valid search warrant for the premises.

Evidence went to a lab for testing to confirm the presence of illicit drugs. If the lab test confirms that the drugs are what they appear, charges will likely be filed, perhaps against the occupants of the property. The police did not mention a specific timeframe for the lab results to come back, nor did media reports indicate how many people will be brought in on suspicion of being involved in the alleged drug house operation.

As many people are aware, if anyone has been charged with a crime, they are considered innocent until proven guilty. Individuals facing drug charges might find it beneficial to discuss criminal defense options with an attorney. For example, it might be possible that law enforcement violated the parameters of their search warrant or obtained the warrant under false pretenses. An attorney may strive to protect their client’s rights against unreasonable search and seizure.