How divorce has benefited some people

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Divorce |

Family lawyers often see a rise in business by about one-third at the beginning of the year. Many unhappy couples in Ohio and across the nation want a fresh start on their lives, especially after going through a stressful holiday season.

Divorce proceedings often involve a lot of emotional wreckage and nasty legal fights. However, some relatively modern laws are making divorce easier and bringing financial benefits. In states that allow no-fault divorces, more women are finding ways to bring income that they have control over into the home. This means that they have the ability to increase their economic clout in their partnership. One statistic revealed that couples are 8% more likely to have both individuals working full time outside of the home in no-fault divorce states.

While each state has different rules that apply to divorce, it is now the norm for individuals to not have to give a legal reason as to why they want a divorce. They can use the no-fault provision and unilaterally file for divorce.

A report from 2016 showed that when laws give homemakers, which tend to be women, strong property rights after divorce, it actually boosts the number of marriages. Even murder rates go down when state laws allow one of the spouses to file for divorce. There’s also a drop in female suicides and domestic violence.

While the divorce process is never easy, the more a soon-to-be ex can learn about it, the better prepared they’ll be. An individual who is interested in what divorce will mean for them may discuss their situation with an attorney. Legal counsel could answer questions about property division, child support, visitation plans and a variety of divorce legal issues. They could also assist a client if they decide to file for a divorce.