Learning to co-parent with a difficult ex-spouse

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2019 | Child Custody |

Most Ohio parents want what is best for their children. This means that after a couple has gone through a divorce, they will need to work closely with each other to take care of their children’s needs despite living in different households and having personal disagreements. Unfortunately, some individuals are dealing with a toxic ex-spouse. The following tips can help these individuals maintain their sanity despite all of the drama.

When working with a toxic or difficult ex-spouse, it is necessary to recognize an unhealthy dynamic. There may be certain topics that can cause an ex-spouse to go from zero to 90 in just a moment, or there may be fears that get triggered when certain subjects are brought up. In order to avoid arguments or manipulation, parents should steer clear of these subjects. This is much more empowering and helps a person focus on actually parenting their children as opposed to just making it through a conversation with a difficult person.

Co-parents will need to engage with a difficult ex on behalf of their children. However, they need to realize that successfully co-parenting with a difficult person has a lot more to do with not engaging with the individual than being baited and falling into their trap. It is important to recognize that a person has the power and the choice as to when and how they will engage with the ex. Some parents decide to just use email to communicate. Others decide not to respond to communication if it has nothing to do with parenting.

No matter how hard a person works to communicate well with a toxic ex, there may come a time when a parent feels concerned that their children are not being cared for properly because of the actions of the ex-spouse. In this case, a person may want to speak with an attorney. An attorney may be able to look at the current child custody agreement and provide advice about how a person could seek sole custody or discuss modifying the current plan.