Navigating social media during a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Divorce |

Social media is an everyday part of life for many people. Ohio residents might not give their behavior a second thought when sharing a status on Facebook, linking to a funny video or posting pictures of a vacation on Instagram. However, taking a little extra time to be mindful about what gets shared online can be helpful when going through a divorce.

Any frustrations a person has with a spouse or a relationship are better left offline. This applies no matter what stage a marriage is in. There are better ways to vent or get things off one’s chest that do not leave a virtual trail that could be used in a divorce. One could talk to friends or family members in person or get support and privacy from a counselor.

To be safe, one could update privacy settings and review friends lists when a divorce becomes likely. A user might also wish to look at things posted in the past and delete anything that might come across in a bad light. This is no guarantee that any objectionable posts are truly gone forever, but taking precautions could provide some peace of mind if a divorce becomes contentious.

Some people are private while others discuss every detail online. If possible, one could try working out an agreement with an ex about social media. This might include what to say about the split and whether or not to post an announcement about it. If children are involved, there may need to be ground rules concerning how much to share about the kids online.

At the end of a marriage, there are many questions to answer about what comes next. This might include alimony payments, property division and child custody arrangements. When dealing with these and other matters, one might wish to consult an attorney.