3 mistakes men should avoid while negotiating alimony

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Divorce is one of the most emotionally draining events you will experience. It is easy to let the anger and sadness take over. This can lead to errors and misguided decisions when negotiating details and filing documents. 

One common area where men make mistakes is during spousal support negotiations. This process requires you to consider income, assets and overall finances of yourself and your ex. Thinking about all of this can be overwhelming, so it is helpful to know what mistakes to avoid before you make them. Here are some tips for what not to do while figuring out alimony payments. 

Mistake #1: Hiding or spending money

If you want to avoid paying alimony as much as possible, you may feel the temptation to disguise or divert your income. This type of behavior is highly risky. It is likely your ex and her attorney will seek out any potentially hidden assets and find them. Spending money is not any better, either. Alimony payments are mostly calculated based on income, not current assets. Do not make the mistake of losing your credibility or hard-earned cash. 

Mistake #2: Being vague regarding grounds for termination

Your spousal support agreement will contain specific details about when the payment arrangements will end. You want to make sure there are clear provisions about when you will no longer have the obligation to pay alimony. Certain grounds for termination may include your ex cohabitating, re-marrying or getting a new job.

Mistake #3: Failing to take care of yourself emotionally

This one may not be as obvious, but it is so important. Your emotions are at an all-time high during a divorce. Not only can this lead to you making mistakes, but it also makes you miserable. Do not forget to seek help. Whether you reach out to trustworthy friends or go to therapy, make sure you have a healthy emotional release so you can make calm, informed decisions.