Are you facing multiple family law issues at the same time?

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Life is often complicated. Rarely are we presented with a single problem possessing a single solution. For example, many marriages that end in divorce are also complicated by child custody and occasionally, addiction. Any of those issues would be overwhelming on their own, but when they all require your immediate attention, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

If you are considering divorce, have children and are managing your partners addiction all at the same time, here are some tips.

3 tips for managing legal action in multiple areas of family law

· Safety. The very most important thing you can do is regularly assess the safety of you and your children. If safety is a concern, call 911 and then an experienced family law attorney who can advise you on next best steps. Depending on the circumstances, a protection order may be necessary.

· Seek representation. Because the legal system is so complicated, attorneys specialize in specific areas. Finding an experienced and compassionate family law attorney is in your very best interest. They cannot take away your worry or fear, but they can navigate the legal system for you.

· Limit social media. In divorce and child custody, statements made and time spent on social media all comes into play. Do not fall into the trap of saying something on social media that could paint you in a bad light. An added benefit is, less time on social media will free up more time to spend with your children. More time with your children is obviously beneficial on its own, but looks good in the eyes of the court.

When there is a problem in your family, it is natural to want to rush to a solution, but divorce, custody and addiction are problems that require a strategic and well-informed response.