Divorce, older adults and the effects on health

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No matter how old they are, Ohio residents who get a divorce are likely to experience some impact on their health. For people who are 50 years old or older, getting a divorce can result in a range of physical and psychological issues, especially if they are already dealing with health issues.

There are multiple factors that may be contributing to gray divorce. Women and men are living longer than they used to, which means that they have longer to live with any decisions they make. Women who earn their own money do not have to rely on having a husband to have money. Also, older adults may find that deciding to get a divorce is easier the more times they get married; for people who have been married twice or three times, the rate of gray divorce is 2.5 times higher.

The expectations of marriage have been changing and may also contribute to gray divorce. Whether a marriage contributes to personal happiness is being used as a measurement for whether the marriage is good as opposed to how well both partners fulfill traditional gender roles.

Seniors who have recently gotten a divorce may develop depression, chronic anxiety or chronic stress. They may also suffer from the effects of post-traumatic stress by having flashbacks of periods during which they were unhappy or by having nightmares; this is especially true for people who were victims of abuse.

A family law attorney may examine the circumstances of a divorce and may advise clients about which legal strategies should be used to obtain favorable divorce settlement terms. Litigation might be used to resolve disputes regarding the division of certain assets, such as real estate.