Social consequences of an underage OVI

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Although the legal drinking age is 21, plenty of teenagers find ways to obtain alcohol. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that over 230,000 teenagers had to go to the emergency room for injuries sustained while operating a vehicle intoxicated.

In addition to the legal consequences of an Ohio OVI, such as fines and jail time, teenagers can face various other consequences. A teen’s entire social life can be up in the air due to one mistake. 


Most public schools will not expel a student for an OVI. However, private schools often have different standards, and if a teen goes to a private institution, then he or she could face expulsion. Even if the student can remain in school, he or she may need to miss classes often due to community service or any time spent in jail. 

College acceptance jeopardized

When high schoolers apply to college, they need to state whether they have any criminal records. An OVI will certainly appear if the parents have not expunged it. This can affect which schools the student can get into. Additionally, an OVI may jeopardize the teen’s chances of obtaining certain scholarships and other types of financial aid.

Fewer job opportunities

Underage OVI is a serious offense, and if the teen applies for a job, then it will most certainly appear in a background check. Many high schoolers acquire their first jobs in high school and college, but those efforts face serious impediments if the teen has a criminal record. 

No driver’s license

One of the consequences of an OVI conviction is a suspended driver’s license. Most teens are ecstatic at the prospect of driving for the first time, but that excitement becomes dampened when the teen cannot legally get behind the wheel. Being unable to drive severely limits what kind of work the teen can get and what kind of social outings he or she can go to.