TV personality goes to rehab after DUI crash

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Ohio residents may recognize Steve Wilkos from his time on “The Jerry Springer Show”. In January, he crashed his car while driving under the influence of alcohol. He initially claimed that he was looking for his glasses at the time of the accident. However, an investigation determined that alcohol caused the crash that left Wilkos injured.

There were no details as to how that determination was made. If he completes an alcohol education program, the charge will be removed from his record. The program lasts for 15 weeks, and he will take part in a panel involving victims of drunk driving. In addition to the education program, Wilkos said that he went through a rehab program in an effort to better handle his alcohol addiction.

Driving under the influence of alcohol could put others on the road at risk of serious injury or death. If an individual is charged with drunk driving, he or she could face a license suspension or revocation, jail time or a fine. The fine may come in addition to legal fees and court costs. In some cases, an individual may be allowed to take part in a diversion program or otherwise plead guilty to lesser charges.

Those who are interested in a plea deal or working to have a case dismissed entirely may benefit from consulting with an attorney. Having an attorney may make it easier to work toward a favorable outcome by creating a defense to the charge. For instance, an attorney may claim that an accident was the result of poor road conditions or an issue with the vehicle itself.