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Welcome to the blog page for Lentz & Noble, LLC, Ravenna’s preeminent Ohio family law firm serving Portage County and surrounding counties in Central Ohio.

With years of experience behind us, our Ohio family law attorneys have successfully steered clients and their families through just about every kind of legal issue. There is only one thing every divorce, custody, judgment modification or other family law matters have in common: No two cases are ever the same because no two families have ever been the same.

What to look for as we build our blog

This blog site will focus on a range of topics, from the fairly common to the downright unusual, and everthing in between. From time to time, we will break away from legal topics in the news to present some common-sense approaches to making sure your Ohio family law lawyer can help you move through the legal system as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

And from time to time, we will also write about an interesting case that we successfully handled, including what some of the issues were that needed to be resolved. Divorce and family law court is fascinating because there is no other area of the law that touches the human condition so intensely.

Let’s start with some “Did You Know” questions and general answers

Did you know: In Ohio, there is a difference between dissolution of marriage and divorce. While both legally end the marriage, when you file for a dissolution of your marriage, you don’t have to provide any legal grounds. The parties agree to the terms of the judgment. Divorce is technically a lawsuit to end the marriage, which may include one party (the defendant” acting to provent the dissolution. In a divorce, the court will decide on issues such as division of property, custody matters and spousal support. However, that decision can be mitigated by the parties coming to terms over a proposed agreement.

Did you know: In Ohio, legal separation is still an option. Filing for legal separation is much like filing for divorce. It allows the parties to work through disputes on a “trial” basis before committing to the final divorce judgment handed down by the courts. The legal separation filing can cover issues such as who remains in the family residence, amount of temporary spousal support and child support to be paid and what the final terms of custody might be, after reviewing how the children handle a trial visitation schedule.

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Please remember, every divorce, custody and family law matter in Ohio is different. If you have questions, we hope you will consider giving us a call to discuss the specific circumstances of your case. We are experienced. We are compassionate. We are committed to helping you through your family law matter as smoothly as possible.