We Can Make Filing For Bankruptcy Easier

Bankruptcy is designed to provide relief to Ohioans and others who struggle with debt. So why are bankruptcy proceedings so difficult to understand and navigate successfully?

Living with overwhelming debt can be a harrowing proposition, but at Lentz & Noble, LLC, our lawyers have been putting minds at ease for more than 55 years. We truly believe in the power of providing tenacious representation backed by sound legal knowledge. For decades, we’ve been doing everything we can to invest in the Portage County, Ohio, communities that depend on us to further their pursuit of financial relief.

Deciding How To Use Ohio Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy comes in many forms, but one aspect that most filings share is their use of exemptions. Although bankruptcy plans let you resolve debts by repaying your creditors within reasonable limits, exemptions ensure that you don’t have to give everything away just to deal with your obligations.

  • Chapter 7 exemptions help you protect a majority of your assets, including your primary vehicle and residence, subject to certain exceptions
  • Chapter 13 exemptions can help limit the amount you have to repay your creditors under your debt resolution plan

Exemptions aren’t the only things that determine what kind of bankruptcy you ought to seek. Factors like whether you hold a stake in a business, whether you receive retirement or insurance payments, and other aspects of your financial situation can all impact which filing strategies might let you maintain the maximum level of control. Our driven attorney team is firmly committed to ensuring that you understand what these laws mean for your future and helping you leverage your rights intelligently.

Exemption Rules And The Need For Representation

Ohio prohibits you from using the federal government’s bankruptcy exemptions if you file in the state. You can, however, leverage nonbankruptcy federal exemptions, such as those that protect certain retired government employee’s and survivor’s benefits. You can also take advantage of double exemptions if you file as a married couple. There may be an overlap between different exemptions and the list of possible protected properties is complex, so talking to a lawyer is usually the best strategy.

Learn More By Speaking With One Of Our Attorneys

At Lentz & Noble, LLC, we think you should be able to enjoy debt relief that also includes stress relief. Contact us online or call our legal team at 330-577-8972 to discuss your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan. From our office in Ravenna, we help people throughout Ohio.

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